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Six years ago, a small group of King's High School students embarked on a journey in pursuit of sustainably empowering young people in rural Laos. This journey has sent groups of King's students to visit Laotian communities to learn from and work with. Students realize how similar they are to the Laotian youth, as much of the trip is spent with Laotian teenagers. However, one of the most significant obstacles for youth in Laos is vulnerability to human trafficking, as so many often end up enslaved due to a lack of other opportunities.

This is where you come in. With your support, young people in Laos can realize that there are other options for them - options where they can thrive rather than just survive. 

On December 6, in partnership with World Concern, King's High School students present RESTORE - a benefit dinner for young people in Laos. This location was chosen because of the work done by the Non-Profit Organization associated with King's: World Concern. An internship position was created to help fund-raise World Concern's efforts, which works against human trafficking by providing alternative and sustainable career options. It has become a tradition for interns to organize a fund-raising banquet as a main event. This year's is called RESTORE.

Why Restore?

It is important to us that we recognize the privilege and luck we were born into through out location and circumstance. We need to use this to empathize with other humans, (rather than sympathize) and see that they have the same potential if given the right resources.
To us, restore means to acknowledge that we are all broken in different ways and to heal mutually through helping one another. In this, comes our theme of bridging the gaps. In seeing these similarity it's clear that the bridge is a two way street. 



Edmonds Yacht Club
326 Admiral Way,
Edmonds, WA 98020
Parking Available
6:30PM - Reception
7:00PM - Dinner
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